My name is Stefan Solakov. I am a wedding photographer in Sofia and I shoot all around Bulgaria. I am available for destination weddings all around the world. I also shoot interiors, tuned cars with custom interiors, reproductions and so on.  My practice in photography began in 2005 and for three years I was part of one of the most famous wedding photography teams in Bulgaria. I put my passion into creating high quality images with a distinguishable style and artistic value. It is my goal that my pictures have a “wow” effect and that they are remembered with the emotions I have captured. I want the observer to feel like they are actually part of the moment that I have stopped in time.

The emotional reason for me to love taking photographs is the joy that I feel every time I manage to capture a moment that shows the person the way they are on the inside – without them posing for me. These images keep bringing the feelings one had felt back to life, even when they look at them 20 years later.

In terms of the “wow” effect my style is expressed by using additional lights to create a completely different atmosphere in the images than what we see with our eyes. Most often my images have a dramatic feel and an evening look. It is my passion to light my photo shoot scenes in a similar fashion to the modern movies – with differently colored lights that show the people from their best side, creating a more intimate atmosphere and a 3D-look.

As a wedding photographer I provide a complete service – from the initial consultation, engagement session, wedding photography, bridal session, help with the selection of images for an album (book), producing albums and large prints.

When I consult with an engaged couple I share my experience from nearly 100 weddings that I have shot. I share many tips and tricks that help the couple have great day during their wedding. We make an optimized wedding schedule based on what I’ve seen to work best and we discuss elements that make or break a good image – like poses that they may instinctively assume which they wouldn’t like when they see themselves in their pictures or situations that could confuse them and affect their good mood. With my consultation my goal is to help the couple make their wedding day into a real holiday instead of a stressful job.

When I shoot I just have fun as I apply my skills in photography and in communicating with people.