On 27.4.2016 I had the immense pleasure to do a photo shoot with Nevena and Slavi just days before Veni is giving birth. I am happy that we managed to go out in a bright sunny day so that I can apply my favorite style – to create dramatic light and to turn the day into night. As a portrait photographer in Sofia I am happy that this shooting style of mine allows me to photograph an otherwise common place in a totally different way. This photo shoot is an example of my portrait photography style.

I am also happy that we took some studio shots. We used the Japanese style decoration that I have assembled. I am very satisfied with the way that a pregnant woman’s figure is painted into the photograph with the studio lighting. I intend to do more studio photo shoots in Sofia.

Thank you Veni and Slavi for your trust and the good vibes! I wish you all three tons of health, fulfillment and happiness!